professional use furniture

High quality manufacturing

We have a huge range of contract, commercial and wholesale chairs, armchairs and sofas, suitable for restaurants, dining areas for hotels, bars, cafes and any other commercial environment worldwide.

Francuski Ležaj Lexi
Šira: 5013
Francuski Ležaj Felix
Šira: 5012
Francuski Ležaj Novi
Šira: 5011
Francuski Ležaj Mila
Šira: 5010
Allure Trosed Sa Lenjivcem
Šira: 4156
Trosed Lux
Šira: 4151
Dvosed Lux
Šira: 4150
Trosed Mila
Šira: 4114
Ugaona Garnitura Kristina Lux
Šira: 4112
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