Tapos Furniture Company Was Founded In . As The Manufacturer Of High Quality Furniture.

Using the highest quality wood and imported materials from Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, with highly qualified engineers and designers, along with professionally-trained craftsman, the company proudly represents itslef on the market of premium quality furniture.

Thanks to product quality, promptness and cooperation with the customers, the company has expanded its manufacturing activities to the markets of Western Europe and on the global market, too.

Tapos – Chairs, Bar Chairs, Armchairs, Sofas, and Tables can be found on the markets of Italy, Slovenia, Greece, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Morocco. Today, Tapos Company exports 100% of its production.

Tapos Furniture Fair – 04-06 May ,USA.


Our references. Chairs, Bar Chairs, Armchairs, Sofas


Chairs, Bar Chairs, Armchairs, Sofas