4039 - Madrid



Shamelessly romantic, infinite button tufting and an elegantly tall backrest make the Madrid a sight to behold. Even more dazzling to sit on, this settee is just the right thing alongside a dining table, in a hall or entryway, or behind a coffee table: the possibilities are endless.

Chairs, armchairs, bar chairs and sofas from our manufacturing are produced according to the highest standards for professional use.

The main purpose of all our products is primarily for professional use, ie. for restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes.

All our items (chairs, armchairs, bar chairs and sofas) are made of:
100% beech wood, but we have the possibility to use the Oak wood according to customers’ choice (in our products we apply only hardwood).

The rest of the materials used are standard for all products and they are:
Glue for wood,
Plywood (most frequently used in sofas),
Veneer (most frequently used in sofas),
Eco-Leather, Fabric or leather,

Standard models: the seats are made of hard surfaces with a sponge.
Lux models: elastic seats are made with elastic springs and a sponge.